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Review of “Keyhole” by George Morrison

  • Fri, March 22, 2024 9:09 PM
    Message # 13333592

    Title: Keyhole

    Author:  George Morrison

    Genre/Length: Science Fiction

    Publisher: Tennin Books, July 17, 2023

    ReviewerBrenda Bonesteel

    Review: Buckle up for a delightfully funny, fast paced, engaging space adventure when you crack the cover of Keyhole by George Morrison.  You’ll follow Nick, a down on his luck alien who has found himself gambling for his life with his life, and his companions blasting through the galaxy. Nick meets a wide cast of colorful characters as they journey to find a fabled planet of eternal life sure to solve all his problems and make him rich to boot.


    Morrison seamlessly weaves heartwarming humor, vivid descriptions of wondrous new worlds and creatures, sweet nuggets of cultural perspective shifting and eye crinkling sci-fi Easter eggs into a rigorously engaging plot.  You’ll be laughing from the witty dialog between Nick and his side kicks and whipping through the pages to find the next plot twist right up to the ending.  Step right up Hitchhiker’s fans, Keyhole is prime sci-fi entertainment you don’t want to miss!  Well done George Morrison!  Well done.


    Reviewer Brenda Bonesteel has been writing since she was 7 years old but is just coming into her own and identifying as a writer now, some 40 years later. She was a teacher for almost 20 years before she fell ill and became disabled. Her heart is the heart of a mother, a teacher and a humanitarian. Her mental meanderings escape on paper as poetry most often, but also as essays, short stories and articles.

  • Sat, March 23, 2024 8:48 AM
    Reply # 13333666 on 13333592

    Thank you, Brenda!



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