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The Wisconsin Writers Association  is a nonprofit organization that encourages, educates, supports, and promotes its member writers. The best part is that WWA’s statewide membership and volunteers make everything — including this website — possible. Many thanks to all WWA members!

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Get Involved  Wisconsin Writers Association began serving the creative needs of Wisconsin writers in 1948 and is registered with the State of Wisconsin as a non-profit organization. WWA’s Board of Directors and member volunteers work together to donate their time, energy, and ideas to keep WWA going.

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Fall Conference 2018

Grateful appreciation to all!

WWA would like to take this special opportunity as we welcome you to the new WWA website, to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Rex Owens, the WWA 70th Anniversary Conference Chair and past Board Member, for his leadership in the oversight, planning, and execution of the 2018 WWA Fall Conference. Making an event like that happen is a big job.

The entire WWA Board, past and present, sincerely appreciates the commitment and effort displayed by Rex in supporting the Wisconsin Writers Association in this important undertaking. His skill in chairing the conference also being felt by the members and others who attended, taking the time to contribute praise for a job-well-done in the post-conference survey responses. Thank you, Rex!

Coming off the high of last year’s successful Annual Writers Conference, held Sept 21-22, 2018 at the Brookfield Sheraton Hotel, we welcomed Barry Wightman as WWA’s new President, Kymberley Pekrul as Vice President and Kim Suhr as Treasurer/Secretary – looking to a bright future with optimism and high anticipation.

As our departing President, Karin Schmidt, wrote in her October 2018 message as she ended her term, “Change is in the air!  Pardon the clich√©, but it’s true. And change is good…”

Looking forward to 2019, WWA and its new Board began their work with the refinement of programs and development of new and creative ways to meet the needs of WWA members. 

Additionally, the Board renewed its priority to support its WWA volunteers, realizing that the organization would be nothing without volunteers. Knowing that the organization would not exist without its dynamic team of dedicated volunteer board members, managers, committee members and coordinators – members behind the scenes who donate their time, energy, and ideas –  working to nurture and grow this treasure named WWA.

At the 70th Anniversary Celebration and Conference, WWA, an organization that began with UW – Madison professor Robert E. Gard in 1948, formed to serve the creative needs of Wisconsin writers, was pleased to welcome Jerry Apps our Friday, Keynote Speaker. We honor and give thanks to you, Jerry, for the special look back at your WWA experience, with recollections about how this group has made a difference for you and in your professional career.

Many thanks as well to all the conference workshop presenters, literary agents, and publishers, author and vendor expo participants, member attendees, board and committee members. All those who participated and attended one-on-one in sessions to address a variety of genres and topics in writing. The many names and faces, all writers, those who love books and words – too many folks to name individually, yet very much appreciated for their dedication, involvement, and skill coming together to make the WWA Conference and 70th Year Celebration a huge success – thank you!

The level of creative energy was inspiring – all those committed writers, the readings, the workshops, Jerry Apps’ keynote. It reminded us all that today, the role of the writer is critical as a force for good, a source of ongoing truth as we work to tell our own American stories.

It’s WWA’s honor and privilege to help you do that.

At last year’s Conference, we asked that you tell us what you’re thinking — and we got a wall full of Post It Notes, all with marvelous ideas and suggestions. We thank everyone who shared for being the match that lit our fire for great things to come.

As we  shower you with our gratitude…as we work to keep this seventy-year fire within WWA burning, we redouble our efforts to spark all writers creativity, their passions through the new website, statewide workshops, the NewsBrief, the new Community Member Forum, and our exclusive membership benefits…benefits that we hope you’ll find to be of great value and as much a part of your life as the words you write.

 “A word after a word after a word is power.” – Margaret Atwood

There’s nothing finer than deciding to write.

Thanks for being here – Thanks for all you do.

The WWA Board of Directors




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