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The Wisconsin Writers Association Press aids WWA member authors and others in following through with our organization goals to help writers learn, grow, and publish in the literary field. The Wisconsin Writers Association Press exists specifically for writers who tell Wisconsin-themed stories.

  • Submissions for manuscripts are OPEN!
  • Submission guidelines should be studied and followed carefully.
  • FAQs section follows.
  • For specific questions not found in the guidelines or the FAQs, please email

What We Publish

WWA Press welcomes original material of good quality that celebrates and explores all walks of life and for all ages, be it historical, fictional, nonfiction, lyrical, or speculative. Family friendly, please.


Submissions accepted from authors with completed manuscripts that have been conscientiously edited and proofread. 

Authors should submit samples of new, original work in English. The work should be tied to Wisconsin in some way.

Material published by the WWA press will not be eligible for the Jade Ring or any other WWA contests. 

The Press will consider most genres or literary works. The best lengths for works in fiction is 60,000 - 100,000 words. If you have specific questions about your genre, please ask before submitting. Questions can be sent to

The Press will consider work in all areas that focus on promoting Wisconsin life, culture, history, biography, poetry, essays, or combinations thereof. Full-length work of 40,000 - 80,000 words is preferred. Collections of poetry and essays or children's books will be considered on a case basis. 

Considerations and Timeline

  • Material that has been previously published in the form of essays or blogs, but not sold in other formats, will be considered.
  • At this time we cannot consider graphic or comic book material unless art is provided, or books of photography due to costs, or children's books with unusual formatting such as popup or non-paper material. 
  • Submitted material not following our guidelines will not be considered as a matter of course. We will do our best to get back to you within six weeks; however, we are volunteers, and wait times may be slightly longer. You may submit to other venues; however, if you accept a contract elsewhere, we ask for courtesy notification.
  • We will let you know whether we’d like to see your entire manuscript or not.
  • There are no fees to submit or publish.
  • See FAQs section for more information.

How to Submit

    Authors should submit a one-page cover letter which includes the following information and attach the first 50 pages of your manuscript. Except for poetry, your manuscript should be in standard manuscript format, double-spaced, one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12 point font, and indented paragraph style. No fancy fonts or formatting. Poetry may be submitted in the format for publication.

    • Author name/pen name
    • 200-word author bio (third person)
    • How are you involved with WWA?
    • Title 
    • Word Count
    • Genre
    • Audience
    In addition to the letter, please include the following on a separate page:
    • 10 keywords
    • 50 word summary
    • 450 word sample back cover blurb
    • 1000 word complete synopsis
    • Sales contacts and promotional ideas (Minimum of 10)
    • Endorsers or writers of foreword/afterword ideas and contact information if applicable
    • Know that you can provide the names and contact information of at least 5 reviewers who can review your book at the time of publication or soon after.
    • Previous publications (if any)

    Ready to submit? Email:

    Questions? Email:


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