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WWA Press Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than once?

Yes. Please submit your best work, following the guidelines with each submission.

Do I have to be a member of WWA to submit or be published? What if I let my membership lapse?

The WWAPress exists to promote the WWA goals of learning, growing, and publishing. At this time, WWA members who are active in the WWA and in good standing will be given primary consideration for publication. It is hoped you will remain a member of WWA because you want to participate in all that WWA has to offer; however, membership is not a guarantee of publication. Your book will not be delisted if your membership lapses before your contractual obligation is up. There are no geographical requirements for WWA membership.

Why didn’t you accept my book?

We consider books of excellent quality that will need little revision, and are Wisconsin-themed. We may ask you to go through another edit or consider revisions, or take some of our workshops and consider resubmitting.

How much does it cost?

WWAPress does not charge authors for any part of book production. We are an independent, traditional, royalty-paying publisher.

Do you pay advances? What do I get paid?

At this time, WWAPress does not offer advances to its authors. Royalties on sales are paid in the month after WWAPress receives payment from the distributers. There is no minimum required sales or figures for royalties to receive payment. Royalty rates will be determined potentially on a sliding scale based on sales.

Do I have to supply a cover? How can I use the cover?

We create a cover that represents your story which you can use in promotions. We will work with you to a certain extent, but the final decision is ours.

What is "family friendly"?

It is not the policy of WWA or WWAPress to censor speech. Open dialog and courteous discourse are encouraged. Our audience should be considered school-age children and up; therefore, consider how much gratuitous vulgarity or other excessive shows of violence, mature activity, societal aberrations of hate or racism without challenging viewpoints add to your story.

What happens when you accept my book?

We will discuss your project with you before you sign a contract. After signing, your book will undergo a three-point editing process in which you participate. You will be offered up to three cover designs, but understand the final decision rests with the publisher. You and the promotions team will develop your marketing strategy so that when your book is ready to be released, it will already have a good foundation for sales.

How do I buy copies? Am I required to buy a certain amount of copies?

You request print copies at a certain percentage of the retail price (to be determined) through us. You send payment, we send the order to the printer to be shipped to you. You are not required to buy a certain amount. You will receive (a few—TBD) number of print copies and an e-copy, and may wish to purchase others at a discount for your own sales and giveaways.

Will my book be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google?

Yes, as well as other distributors.

Can I publish somewhere else?

Sure, you can publish other material with other publishers—just not the same book or material under contract with WWAPress.

What do you do for marketing? What does the author do for marketing?

WWAPress will promote the publication with due diligence through press releases to media and sales outlets, web-based social media promotions, conference venue promotions as we are able, provide sales material in the form of a packet of promotional material such as interviews and book blurbs, possibly provide printed material in the form of bookmarks and postcards featuring your book, review requests, promotional opportunities at WWA-sponsored events provided the hosts are agreeable, and potential contest entries as appropriate. The author is expected to promote via individual online and in-person presence, and coordinate with our promotions team. As part of the submission process, authors are expected to indicate an understanding and acceptance of promotion. We ask that you work with us to provide names and contact information of potential reviewers.

How do I get reviews?

Ask other readers and authors. We’ll have a list of reviewers we use, and will ask that we work together so we don’t overlap. Reviewers are different from Endorsers. Getting written endorsements for your work is something we'll discuss with our contract offer.

How do I get signings?

Ask your local librarian or book club or writer’s group, bookstore or civic, social, or religious group if you can speak about your book and sell copies afterward. Bookfairs, Book Festivals and other events like local markets or vendor fairs are all good places. We’ll work with our connections and yours.

Can I see a contract?

Contracts are individually based and contain standard language, covering rights of publisher and author for print, electronic, audio file rights, and payment of royalties. Requests to see a sample can be sent to

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