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Wisconsin Writers Association began serving the creative needs of Wisconsin writers in 1948 and is registered with the State of Wisconsin as a non-profit organization. WWA’s Board of Directors and  member volunteers work together to donate their time, energy, and ideas to keep WWA going. Here’s a list of some of our volunteer opportunities for members.

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 Position Title  Description  Estimated Hours 
 Treasurer The Treasurer is a board position with a three-year commitment. The Treasurer is an officer of the organization and also a member of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer is responsible for managing the work of WWA's bookkeeper, managing the organization's QuickBooks file, following proper procedures for the receipt and disbursement of funds, preparing monthly reports for board review, preparing the annual budget, and maintaining organized financial records.    12-15/month
 Grant Writer The Grant Writer will study and understand WWA's history, programs, and objectives; research grant opportunities; draft grant proposals and supporting documents; submit proposals to grant coordinators for approval; maintain positive relationships with funders; maintain records and submit reports related to their work for board review.   5-10/month

Publications Committee

WWA Press

Volunteers to serve on the Publications Committee. The time commitment would include attending committee meetings (most online) on a regular basis TBD, for an hour or so at a time, probably once a month. Must be willing to take on occasional or a regular task of the committee. Must have access to the internet and have or be willing to learn fundamentals of publishing. Contact  Variable

Contest Researcher

WWA Press

Someone to spend some time surfing the internet for literary contests, noting the genre accepted, opening and closing time, and fees. Record name and website, contact info. This is a one-time or occasional update if desired opportunity; four-eight hours total at your own pace. Must have internet access and know how to do an internet search. Contact  4-8 Total

Book Influencer Researcher

WWA Press

Someone to spend time looking for book influencers and reviewers online, noting genres promoted, where promotions are sent, and size of audience reach, whether there are fees involved. Record name and website, contact info. This is a one-time or occasional update if desired opportunity; four-eight hours total at your own pace. Must have internet access and know how to do an internet search. Contact 4-8 Total

Sales and Appearances Scout

WWA Press

Volunteers to talk to local bookstores or booksellers and libraries/friends of library groups or book clubs in your neighborhood with sales information about WWA books to stock, and potentially invite authors to talk and do signings. One time opportunity at your own pace for two to three hours as needed at your own pace. Must be able to approach book store owners and librarians or friends of libraries groups and find book clubs and share information about WWA Press books. You will be given information and a physical copy of the books as samples. Contact  2-3 Total
Creative Wisconsin magazine  One to three people who are interested or understand desktop publishing to learn about magazine publishing, acquisitions, editing, and layout to work on Creative Wisconsin Magazine. May choose to work on one or more editions of the magazine, which releases three times per year: March 1, June 1, September 1. Time commitment: each edition of the magazine takes one person a total of ten to fifteen hours for all aspects of the magazine. Volunteers may choose one aspect or one edition or more to work on. If interested in acquisitions, the opportunity is year-round as submissions come in, and take only a few minutes to check the submission and send it to the editor and respond to the submitter. Must be able to access the WWA submit email and respond within a week of submission or notify the editor of planned unavailability. If choosing other aspects of working on the magazine, training is provided. Time commitment is generally during the two weeks before publication and variable, two or more hours before the publication dates, one to three times per year. Contact  10-15, 3x per year for publication
Book review coordinator

Our WWA Book Review Coordinator, Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel, is stepping down from this volunteer position, so we are looking for a replacement. The position involves receiving requests from WWA member for reviews for their published books and matching with a volunteer, ordering books for review, and posting reviews on the WWA website. Once a month the coordinator also writes a short summary of books recently reviewed and sends it to WWA’s News Brief or Creative Wisconsin. 

Kathleen has all the information for this and is excited to work with a new volunteer to help the transition go smoothly. If you are interested in this position, please contact WWA President Luella Schmidt at


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