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Review of “The Vessel” by Kristin A. Oakley

  • Mon, November 20, 2023 10:39 PM
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    Title: The Vessel

    Author: Kristin Oakley

    Genre: Teen and Young Adult Dystopian Novel

    Reviewer: Brenda Bonesteel



    Imagine a future society that is precariously on the brink of annihilation from multiple wars, greed, crime and corruption.  Evil is running rampant and unchecked. Everything that exists is being ravaged and rapidly destroyed.  Imagine no peace, no safety and no security for anyone. Life is steadily crumbling to bits.  Then a hero comes along and changes everything in a heartbeat!  


    In Kristin Oakley’s first book, The Devil Particle, seventeen-year-old Paul Salvage competed in the Vessel Trials. He painstakingly and proudly won the right to become The Vessel - the savior of the world.  Scientists have discovered how to extract all of civilization’s agonistons, also known as Devil Particles.  Now evil has been removed from everyone on Earth and infused solely into Paul’s deemed deserving and altruistic body - the vessel.  Follow Paul’s plunge into vesselhood as he alone torturously transitions to accommodate all of mankind’s evil and immorality within himself.  He will keep the public relieved from all their evil thoughts and deeds, but at what cost to himself, his father and his devoted girlfriend Jaelyn At what cost to the newly evil-free citizens?


    In this suddenly peaceful world there is no longer need for law enforcement, lawyers nor judges. There is no more war and no need for weapons or conflict.  Here all countries can truly unite in peace everlasting. Here powerful President Cicero has her heart set on ruling the new world of United Nations, but can she be trusted?  Follow the life of one young man, now turned superhero, who makes such a beautiful dream into reality. 


    How will the new utopia receive their hero?  What will become of his life and relationships?   How will he and others manage the abrupt change from raging war to instant peace?   What is safe?  What new dangers lie ahead?  Hold on tight for jaw-dropping twists and turns, betrayals around every corner and stunning secrets to reveal themselves as the savior of humankind, Paul Salvage, navigates his sacrificial honor as The Vessel of all evil. The effects on his body and mind will have you sweating as you turn the pages of this brilliant story.  You won’t be able to put this book down because you’ll have to know...  Will he prevail? 


    Reviewer Brenda Bonesteel has been writing since she was 7 years old but is just coming into her own and identifying as a writer now, some 40 years later. She was a teacher for almost 20 years before she fell ill and became disabled. Her heart is the heart of a mother, a teacher and a humanitarian. Her mental meanderings escape on paper as poetry most often, but also as essays, short stories and articles.


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