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Review of Words with My Father

  • Thu, November 02, 2023 1:10 PM
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    Words with My Father: A Bipolar Journey Through Turbulent Times

    Authors: Lowell Klessig and Lukas Klessig

    Reviewer: Michelle Caffrey

    Publisher ‏: ‎ Medley Park Press (March 2, 2023)

    ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 0960118918

    Five stars: A unique and interesting memoir

    Selected writings by Lowell Klessig, a passionate conservationist and activist, who had bipolar disorder, are interspersed with recollections by his son, Lukas. Unresolved issues, fond reminiscences, even the occasional banter are like a conversation between father and son.

    Despite his mental health struggles, Lowell used his symptoms to his advantage and was a prolific writer. His essays on lake management, stewardship, conservation, and farming were infused with a common-sense and heartfelt philosophy. I enjoyed Lowell’s first- hand perspective of his participation in the Civil Rights movement, protesting the Vietnam War, and fighting for environmental issues.

    Words with My Father is a unique and interesting read, offering a blend of personal insight into mental health, environmental philosophy, and historical context, making it an engaging choice for readers interested in these themes.

    Reviewer Michelle Caffrey’s is the best-selling author of Bring Jade Home: The True Story of a Dog Lost in Yellowstone and the award-winning picture book Jade – Lost in Yellowstone. She is a former full-time RVer and Workcamper. Once, when checking in at a rundown campground, she and her husband were accosted by the owner’s pet goose that was “only posturing,” inspiring her latest romance/mystery Desire in Dairyland. No longer nomadic, she currently lives with her husband Paul, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where she safely avoids confrontational poultry.

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