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Review of “The Devil Particle” by Kristin A. Oakley

  • Sun, September 03, 2023 11:42 PM
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    The Devil Particle Review

    Title: The Devil Particle

    Author: Kristin A. Oakley

    Reviewed by: Brenda Bonesteel

    Published: June 3, 2023

    Length: 310 Pages



    If you are looking for a fast paced, engaging, unpredictable, young adult dystopian science fiction novel that will make you think, look no further! The Devil Particle by Kristen A. Oakley will definitely not disappoint! In a not too far distant future society the broken and bleak world is riddled with multiple wars and on the brink of complete annihilation. Fortunately scientists have discovered that evil is actually contained in agonistons or “Devil particles” and better yet they have figured out how to completely extract and collect the evil from every person in society. Now the government is looking for The Vessel: one altruistic, selfless, inherently good person who is impervious to temptation and manipulation, to become the container of all the world’s evil.


    Enter Paul James Salvage who has been proving his worthiness by performing a multitude of good deeds on a daily basis and wants nothing more than to become the savior of the world by becoming The Vessel. He must earn this honor by being the winner of the Vessel Trials, an elite competition of government selected 17-year-old candidates who demonstrate superior emotional, physical and social goodness. They will be tested in numerous unique ways to prove their strength and abilities. The Trials take place in a dilapidated 52 story skyscraper with new surprises around every corner. 


    Adventure, heart pounding suspense, mystery, escape room tension, love, romance, ethics, morals, power, government, religion, corruption, right and wrong are all awaiting you within the pages of this delicious story that will. without a doubt, leave you thirsty for more.


    Reviewer Brenda Bonesteel has been writing since shewas 7 years old but is just coming into her own and identifying as a writer now, 40 years later. She was a teacher for almost 20 years before she fell sick and became disabled. Her heart is the heart of a mother, a teacher and a humanitarian. Her mental meanderings escape on paper as poetry most often, but also as essays, short stories and articles.

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