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The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series Volume One

  • Wed, April 05, 2023 7:02 PM
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    The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series Volume One

    Michelle Murray

    MG Fantasy

    153 pages

    Reviewed by Adrianna McCollum

    Magic finds Miranda while she sleeps. Haunted by her parents’ tragic deaths, Miranda wins a scholarship to attend college in a new town where she hopes to make friends and focus on her future. But night after night, she has the same dream about an old man pleading for help. Unable to shake the memory of his cracked voice, she seeks out an odd bookstore that sells potions and remedies. Miranda isn’t sure she believes in “hocus-pocus,” but she’s desperate to sleep without the old man invading her dreams. Miranda expects to be given a sleep potion; instead, she’s told she is the Dream Walker, the holder of an ancient magic. Soon Miranda finds herself thrust into a dreamworld called Mystica where everyone is counting on her to stop a dark wizard. She teams up with a warrior named Walking Bear to find the white wizard, Lightning, who will aid Miranda in her quest. In The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series Volume One, Miranda is on a journey to fulfill her destiny and save the land and people of Mystica.  

    Michelle Murray ushers the reader into a magical realm with her first few words. Her story is a fun and fast read, full of all the magical creatures you could ask for: wizards, dragons, ogres, and more. Every page is action-packed and suitable for middle-grade and adult readers alike. I recommend this book for anyone looking for a lively trip into a dreamworld that might set your own minds wandering at night.

    Reviewer Adrianna McCollum writes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She won the 73rd Annual Jade Ring Writing Contest in Nonfiction for a memoir essay and is working on final revisions of a middle-grade portal fantasy novel called Peregrine from the Stories. Read more about her at

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