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Review of The Dragoneer and the Pretender

  • Sat, February 18, 2023 2:57 PM
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    Title: The Deagoneer and the Pretender

    Author:  Amber Boudreau

    Genre/Length: YA Fantasy, 362 pages

    Date Published/Publisher: Dragon Steel Press, Oct. 3, 2022

    Reviewer:  Gary Banker

    Moira Noble is faced with an almost insurmountable problem: how to rescue her good friend and his twin brother who have been whisked into Darkness by the troll captain she thought she had killed. With the aid of Zephyr, her dragon, the two of them embark on a dangerous journey into the unknown to accomplish the impossible. The adventures that they share test the limits of their partnership as well as the genuineness of the relationships with people she encounters on her quest. Will she be able to save them in time and return to her own world or will the Darkness be too strong of an adversary?

    The Dragoneer and the Pretender continues Moira’s tale. She is a strong female protagonist, faultless in her determination to save her friends. Yet, her character is far from stubborn – showing her willingness to accept her limitations and others’ ideas. The bonds that she creates with other characters are constantly tested, building the level of trust and respect that they share. Each trick that Darkness plays only makes the reader wonder how the fellowship will ever survive to reach its goal.

    Boudreau has created an enticing world of fantasy for her readers. As a former middle school and high school teacher, I could see students of that age eagerly sitting down with a copy of the book and devouring it. Boudreau has written a fantasy that would delight any Tolkien follower.

    Reviewer:  A retired English teacher, Gary Banker has published From a Yellowed Photo: Unearthed, Unabashed, Unfettered – a collection of his poetry. He also writes for Positively Superior magazine and creates scripts for murder mysteries that he produces. He finds his inspiration living on the shores of Lake Superior.

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