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Review of Signs of Murder

  • Wed, December 14, 2022 10:40 AM
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    Signs of Murder

    Written by A.F. Whitehouse

    Crime Fiction, Women Sleuths

    343 pages

    Self-Published on Amazon

    Review by Jennifer Rupp

    Dana Demeter is an excellent homicide detective but her personal life is in shambles. Her husband has left, her new apartment sucks, and her father’s best friend has just been murdered. Nothing she can’t handle, right? Unfortunately, it gets worse. Her personal travails slop over into her professional life. A steady diet of junk food, cigarettes, and boiler makers has caught up with her. She must lose 40 pounds in two weeks or be out of compliance with the department’s physical requirements. On top of that, a flunked alcohol test leaves her suspended from duty. It seems the universe is out to thwart Dana at every turn, but nothing will stop her from finding the person who murdered her father’s friend, Toby.

    To say Signs of Murder is a nail biter would be a gross understatement. More like a hair-raising roller coaster ride through Chicago, a dive into its underbelly, and a welcome into the deaf community. The tension is palpable from the beginning and only winds tighter as the search for Toby’s murderer continues. A.F. Whitehouse is masterful with dialogue, creates characters with depth, and fully immerses her readers in this great crime thriller. If you read Elizabeth George or Ann Cleeves, you’re going to love this book. Five stars for Signs of Murder. Bonus: I was delighted to see there is a second novel in this series, Signs of the Father.


    Jennifer Rupp writes historical romance as Jennifer Trethewey. An actor-turned-writer, she’s moved her performances from the stage to the page and invites you to enjoy the drama of the Scottish Highlands in her Highlanders of Balforss series featuring brawny Scots and sweeping romance laced with a liberal dose of humor.  https://jennifertrethewey.com/

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