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Review of A Nice Relaxing Sea Cruise

  • Thu, October 20, 2022 11:28 AM
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    Title: A Nice Relaxing Sea Cruise by Dale R. Botten

    Genre: Adventure/mystery/humor

    Date Published: 2017   Publisher: Page Publishing

    Number of Pages: 182

    Reviewed by: Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel

    Pirates and scoundrels and thieves, oh my!

    James Bartholomew Hudson the Third inherited an old house from his great, great, great grandfather and soon finds himself caught up in mystery and intrigue. Rumors swirl throughout the town about treasure being hidden by Hudson’s ancestor and quirky characters bring humor to the story as the author weaves twists and turns into the plot. Everywhere Hudson turns, people know of him and the treasure.

    The protagonist is witty and sarcastic, but he also has an understanding of others and can empathize with them. He juggles his emotions while attempting to make sense of what is happening and why he is in this situation. While he eagerly searches for the supposed treasure, he places more importance on fulfilling a promise that he made to his ancestor who appeared to him one night. 

    A Nice Relaxing Sea Cruise is a fun, funny, and light-hearted read, and I enjoyed it very much.


    Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel is the author of a middle-grade book, Spies, Soldiers, Couriers, and Saboteurs: Women of the American Revolution, highlighting little-known women and their role in America’s fight for independence. She also has two picture books Three Little Ghosts, and Whoo, Whoo, Who’s Out There?

    Waldvogel is a member of Wisconsin Writers Association, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, as well as writing groups in Wisconsin and Arizona. Read more about her at: 

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