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Review of Double Exposure

  • Sat, October 08, 2022 12:10 PM
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    Title: Double Exposure by Jeannée Sacken

    Genre: Page length: 411

    Date published: September 2022  Publisher: Ten16 Press

    Reviewed by Keridak Silk


    Intrigue and excitement follow photojournalist Annie Hawkins Green. In Double Exposure (2 nd in the series) she is torn between her job, her teenage daughter Mel, a traumatic past in Afghanistan and her sexy lover (a U.S. Navy Seal.) Wow. Mel, has become best friends with a Muslim girl. Her father and stepmother are horrified, and they forbid her friendship. But teenagers rarely listen. Hawkins is drawn into defending her daughter’s choices, tittering on losing her partial custody.

    A competing journalist, nicknamed the Piranha, manipulates Hawkin’s suspension. A reprieve request for Hawkin’s presence at negotiations with the Taliban give her the opportunity to travel back to Afghanistan in advance of this assignment. Her early visit is to transport fundraised cash to rebuild the girl’s school that was bombed. Her well known red hair immediately places her back on the Taliban radar. She refuses to wear a headscarf.

    Hawkins also hopes to discover what happened to her niece. A teenager who fell in love and went off with a Taliban leader. Perhaps involved with the bombing and the death of the girl’s mother, Hawkins close friend. The media portrays Afghanistan with such negativity. Creating fear and distrust of those of Muslim faith. Sacken shares insights into the culture that dispel the myths. Her characters are real. Their emotions are intertwined in the story. Even the Taliban leader has a fleeting relatable side.

    The roller coaster of suspense starts from the moment Sacken begins this novel. It is a continuous ride of ups, scary downs and hold your breath tension throughout. I highly recommend reading Double Exposure. This series is for those who love electrifying drama about women with unusual careers. I am eager to go back and read the first of the Annie Hawkins Green series.


    Wisconsin/Florida author Keridak Silk: A kaleidoscope of magic, myth, and reality. Intuitive counselor, tarot reader, and hypnotist, Keridak’s nature makes her a perfect pantser. Stories surprise her as much as they will you. Her fiction and non-fiction cover multiple genres. Discover her published and upcoming creations on her website. 

    Website: Keridak.com

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