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  • Fri, December 03, 2021 10:17 AM
    Message # 12162774

    Bluff by John DeDakis

    Speaking Volumes, Published March 15, 2021

    Mystery/Thriller/Suspense  307 Pages

    Reviewed by Stephen Glick

    I enjoyed many things about this book, beginning with the characters. I found them to be modern, fun, and relatable. The book’s location also piqued my interest. I am familiar with Madison, since I used to own a home in that area, so I also enjoyed that aspect.

    I found the storyline very intriguing. It pulled me in and did not release me until I had finished the last words. I became so engrossed in the plot that the pages flew by with amazing speed.

    In an early chapter, Lark Chadwick auditions for a news anchor position with a local Madison television station. The audition goes awry, though, and Lark is caught off guard. Her hope for extra cash slips through her fingers.

    As the story unfolds, Lark’s boyfriend dies from what appears to be an accident. Lark reports on his death, and I was shocked when the tables were turned on her and Lark becomes a person of interest in her boyfriend’s death. Everyone is a suspect, and I realized that money can, and often will, change people.

    The author chose to write the story in the first person, from a woman’s point of view. I believe John DeDakis hit a homerun with this technique and I look forward to reading more Lark Chadwick titles.

    Reviewer Stephen Glick lives in southern Wisconsin. He loves buying and reading books. His library tops over 1,000 titles. He is the author of Six Haunting Tales, a collection of short horror stories, and The Testament (Atmosphere Press, 2019), a paranormal mystery tinged with horror and noir.

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