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Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal

The WWA Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal is a professionally bound, attractive, soft-cover book of 75-90 pages of previously unpublished* works of short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. This publication opportunity is limited to WWA members only. The latest literary journal will be available for purchase at WWA fall conferences and all published issues will be sold on Amazon.

Members whose work appears in the journal will retain full ownership of their piece. No copyright or publishing restrictions apply. Members are welcome to submit their prose or poetry every year (as long as their piece has not been published elsewhere.) Multiple entries may be submitted (with applicable fees).

Each member whose work appears in the journal will receive one complimentary copy of that issue. No other royalties will be offered. However, there is considerable satisfaction in seeing your work published in a book and sharing your published work with family and friends!

Submission Period: January 1 – March 31 (same submission time each year)
  • Only email entries via Microsoft Word document format will be accepted.
  • Your WWA membership must be current at the time of submission and publication.
  • Multiple entries are welcome ($5 administration fee* per item).
  • All entries will be reviewed blindly without any names, and reviewed according to the criteria shown in these instructions. If multiple items from any one author are blindly chosen, only one of those from the same author will be selected for publication.
  • If you want to submit an updated version of a piece you submitted to the previous year’s edition of the journal, you are welcome to resubmit it. (Current issue entry fees apply.) Thank you.

Please Submit original, not previously published* works as follows:
Prose: 1250 word maximum: fiction, nonfiction, and creative nonfiction
Poetry: Limit of 32 lines; all blank lines included in this count

Original prose will be selected on the basis of: interest/intrigue, use of language or dialog to advance the plot, pacing, readability, clarity, grammar, and story structure/organization.
Prose Word Limit: Up to 1,250 words. Word count includes every word, including a, an, the, etc., except words in the title. Hyphenated words count as one word.

Original Poetry will be selected on the basis of: interest/intrigue, style, use of language to create tone or images, grammar, phrasing, pacing, clarity, and readability.
Poetry Line Limit:  No more than 32 lines. All blank lines count as part of total.
(Please make sure all lines your poems are not more than 4.5 inches of total width from end to end, including any indents per line. Journal pages cannot accommodate longer lines since margins have to be included in total page width. Adjust your line length accordingly. Apologies for the journal not being equipped to handle longer lines.)

Submission Requirements:

  • All entries must be submitted via email. No postage mail entries will be accepted.
  • You may send entry fees ** by postal mail, but not the entry itself.
  • Prepare and submit your entries as Microsoft Word Documents ONLY please. The end of your saved manuscript file should look like:  .doc  or .docx
    DO NOT submit entries as Word Perfect, PDF documents, or as Apple “Pages” for MAC, etc.
  • Do not create your Word Doc document with headers, footers, bullets, paragraph or page break settings, or other special settings such as justified margins, borders, or columns.
  • Make sure your manuscript titles are correct ON each piece! Make sure the titles you have noted in your email message are the same as the titles ON the actual entries.
  • Attach your Word Doc(s) to an email addressed to: christinekeleny@yahoo.com
    (Separate attachments for each entry, please.)
  • Within the message of your email, please simply provide ONLY your name, address, phone
    number, titles of your entries — and whether fiction or nonfiction if applicable. Attach your Word Doc entries separately. Make sure the titles on the pieces your are submitted match the titles you give in the body of your email. It is not necessary to put your name on your actual submission.
  • Prose entries should be double-spaced. Please indent first line of each paragraph.
    Use single spaces between sentences.
  • Poetry entries should be single-spaced. Poem line breaks will be respected.
  • Please keep it simple: Do not format your Word document with stylized fonts (such as a script style, bold lettering, colors other than black, or symbols).
  • Use Times or Times New Roman 12 point font only. (Thank you: these fonts transfer easily
    between MAC and PC computers.)
  • Entries should be written in the English language only; an occasional non-English word
    for story needs or emphasis is acceptable.
  • Entries should not include erotica, cartoons, graphics, images, drawings, photographs, illustrations, or website links. Please refrain from including an “explanation” of your story or poem since it will not be included as part of the submission.
  • Please submit pieces that are “family friendly.” Entries with profanity or R-rated imagery created in language will not be considered.
  • Please submit final works only; no unfinished drafts.
  • Please proofread your work for correct grammar, punctuation, accurate historic references,
    dates, proper names, word use, spelling, overall content, word count, etc.
  • Please do not ask the journal staff to change, correct, or update your entry after it has been submitted. Please be certain to attach the latest proofread version of your entry.
  • Final selected entries will be reviewed for punctuation, but not edited for content or length.
  • Submissions will be numbered and selected for publication using a “blind selection process.”
  • All entries will be discarded after publication of this year’s journal edition.
  • No critiques will be offered. Authors of selected works will be notified June 15 – July 1.

Submission fee:  $5 per entry (nonrefundable). Use the payment button below or mail your check or money order payable to WWA Literary Journal to:

Chris Rollins | WWA Bookkeeper

319 N Lake Rd Apt A

Oconomowoc, WI 53066

(Do not send actual entries through regular mail.) All mailed-in checks will be swiftly deposited in WWA’s bank account, which is managed by WWA’s Bookkeeper.

Pay Submission Fee

The Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal is supported solely by WWA members. Entry fees help cover the costs of editing, layout, promotion, and distribution. All revenue from entries and sales of the journal helps fund the work of WWA, which is registered with the State of Wisconsin as a non-profit, member-centered, and self-supporting organization.

Previously published refers to any authored work that has been presented to the public in written form (via the Internet on Facebook, blog sites, websites, online magazines or other e-publications, etc.), or in print such a book, magazine, literary journal, anthology, newspaper, or other print publication. If your submission is or ever was available to the public, consider it previously published. If you find that your submission has been approved for publication elsewhere after you have submitted it to WWA’s journal, please kindly inform Christine Keleny-Craven at christinekeleny@yahoo.com.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing YOUR name and work in WWA’s Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal!

Your WWA Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal Committee Staff—
Editor/Layout Designer: Christine Keleny-Craven  
Proofreader: Emily Bertholf



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