WWA Jade Ring Contests


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WWA Is Proud to Announce the 2017 Winners of the Jade Ring Contests

Poetry (Judge: Peggy Rozga)

1st: Epiphany                     Susan Huebner, member

2nd: without a voice          Mary Jo Balistreri, member

3rd: Ripple                         Mary Jo Balistreri, member

HM-1: Dreaming in Italian       Mike Orlock, member

HM-2: Blankets                  Susan Huebner, member


Fiction (Judge: Julie Tallard Johnson)

1st: I Can Fight as Well as Any Man    Kathy Waldvogel, member

2nd: The Woolworth’s Getaway    James Brakken, member

3rd: Best Day Ever                           Ed Sarna, member

HM 1: On their Own Terms                        Nancy Jesse, member

HM 2: Yogovah                                 Steve Fox, non-member

Nonfiction (Judge: Laurie Scheer)

1st: Small Decision, Big Sacrifice    Greg Peck, member

2nd: Frightening the Horses      Gary Jones, member

3rd: Turnkey Treasure                 Julia Gimbel, member

HM-1: Peeling the Onion                Bill Mathis, member

HM-2: The Chafing Dish               Mary J. Guhl, member

Humor (Judge: Joel Habush)

1st: The Perils of Parenting                    Robert Robeson, nonmember

2nd: The Defibrillator Meal                       Ed Sarna, member

3rd: Soap Opera Diva                              Pat Palechec, nonmember

HM-1: Just Short of Road Rage at the Checkout Aisles      Greg Peck, member

HM-2: Retirement Dreams                        Bill Mathis, member

WWA Jade Ring Contest Submission Guidelines

Submission Period
May 1st– July 31 (every year)

All entries must be submitted electronically via email attachment to the contest registrar.
No contest entries sent via post office mail will be accepted.
ALL entries must be received via email by the contest registrar, Nicolette Pierce, no later than midnight, (Central Time) July 31.
Written critiques by judges are optional.*
Submissions received without payment of applicable fees will not be considered.

Submission Categories: (Please Read ALL Submission and Format Instructions below.)

Poetry All poems: free verse, formal, everything in between
Maximum Length: 75 lines (blank lines included); single-spaced

Fiction  Short story or flash fiction
Maximum Length: 2,000 words; double-spaced

Nonfiction  Article, memoir, essay or true story. Maximum Length: 2,000 words; double-spaced

Humor  Fiction or nonfiction piece written with humorous elements of comic wit specifically meant to induce laughter. Some specific forms for humor are: satire, irony, sarcasm, exaggeration, wordplay, parody, or poking fun at a situation.
Maximum Length: 800 words; double-spaced

Submission Fees:   WWA current members: $10.00 per entry
Nonmembers: $15.00 per entry
Optional Judge’s critique: $10 per entry to be critiqued

Eligibility:   Membership in the WWA is not required. You must be 18 to enter.

Prize / Award Notification:
— First Place: $100 OR a Jade Ring (Jade rings are awarded only once per person.)
— Second Place: $70
— Third Place: $40
— Honorable Mention: (up to two per category; certificate, no cash prize)
Those who have been chosen to receive prizes and honorable mention certificates will be informed via email or phone no later than August 30.

Cash prizes, jade rings, and certificates of recognition will be awarded during WWA’s annual fall conference banquet. If you are unable to attend, a check for your cash prize or your certificate will be mailed to you. However, WWA prefers not to mail rings to winners. First place winners who choose to receive a jade ring but are unable to attend the conference banquet should arrange for someone to accept their ring for them during the conference.

Please Respect ALL these Entry Requirements and Submission Instructions:
All entries must be submitted electronically via email to the contest registrar.
No regular mail entries will be accepted.
Submit manuscripts as Microsoft Word .doc or .docx manuscripts only.
(These standard document formats are standard to both MAC and PC computers.)
Entries submitted in PDF, WordPerfect, RTF, or any format other than Microsoft .doc or
.docx will not be considered.
— Submissions should be the original work of the entrant, and may not infringe on any
copyrighted work of anyone else. Submit final copies only, no drafts.
Submissions should be unpublished in any form, print or electronic, including personal
websites or Facebook pages. HOWEVER …
One exception: WWA Members may enter a piece in the Jade Ring contest that they have
also submitted to the current year’s WWA Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal even if they
have been told that the piece will be published in the literary journal later this year.
Pieces published in previous year’s Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal are not eligible.
Note: Publication in the Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal is open to WWA members only.
Submission guidelines here: https://wiwrite.org/creative-wisconsin-literary-journal/

Each emailed manuscript should have a title and be labeled as fiction, nonfiction,
humor, or poetry — but the author’s name should NOT be on the entry.
Please respect word length for prose and line count for poetry.
Use ONLY Times or Times New Roman font, size 12
Margins: one inch all around; prose entries double-spaced; poetry single-spaced
For Prose: Indent each new paragraph.
Word count: Each number and word counts as a word. Hyphenated words count as one word.
Do not include photos, images, website links, or explanations of what inspired the work.
All writers are responsible for proofreading. Submissions should be accurate in terms of
facts, spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
—  Language: English only, except for occasional non-English words needed for emphasis as
pertinent to the story or poem. Submissions with obscene or language of a suggestive erotic
nature (in any language) will not be considered.

* To Receive a Judge’s Written Critique of a Submission:
Please add $10 for each entry to be critiqued.
— Specify on your entry form which piece you’d like critiqued.
— Manuscripts will be forwarded to judges with titles and entry numbers only; author
names will not be sent to judges.
— Submissions designated for a judge’s written critique will not be proofread or edited in
any way by WWA contest staff.
— Judges’ written critiques will be emailed to entrants at the close of the contest.

A few more details:
–   WWA membership must be current at the time of entry to qualify for the discounted contest fee. New or renewing membership forms should be submitted separately. Application form here:  https://wiwrite.org/about-wwa-2/join/
— WWA reserves the right to cancel any contest category when fewer than 10 entries have
been submitted to that category. (Entry fees will be returned to those who submitted to any
canceled contest category.)

Contest Fees:

PayPal / credit card option for contest fees here.

Mail-in form for contest fees only here.

>>>>>> REMEMBER: Manuscripts received by regular mail will NOT be considered.

Email ALL Entries to WWA’s Contest Registrar: Nicolette@NicolettePierce.com

Questions? Please email Nicolette, contest registrar, at email address above.

Thank you and good luck!

*Learn about the judges.