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Dear Writers,

We are thrilled to bring you this 75th Anniversary conference. When WWA started convening lo those many years ago, we didn't have the convenience (or the challenges!) of online registration. But now we have both and want to make the process as smooth as it can be for you. Please refer to the FAQs below to get your questions answered. And, of course, reach out if you are having difficulty. Please contact

(If we don't get back to you immediately, we beg your patience. We're an all-volunteer org, and we really are doing our best! If you haven't heard back from us in 3 days' time, please try again.)

We’re here to help. If you need a video walking you through, we’ve got one. If you need a Zoom meeting with us to help you through, we’re doing it.

Just please don’t give up – we need you! We want you! We’ll see you in October!


Christy Wopat & the WWA Events Team

FAQ about registration:

Wait, so I have to register twice?

Sort of. And ONLY if you are paying for add-ons.

You’ll register once for the conference itself. Then, IF YOU CHECK THE BOX for an add-on class with additional cost, you’ll receive a link with a registration code for that class.

***Note: that link will NOT come instantaneously. (We have an actual human with a day job who is monitoring and sending out the necessary codes to secure your spot in the add-ons.)

Why can’t I register for Friday or Saturday only?

The whole 2-day conference is included in one price (a bargain!) Even if you plan to attend only one of the days, the offerings will be more than valuable to your writing career. But, of course, we hope you can join us for the whole time. . You can register for just Saturday, though – you just may have to wait a little bit.

Why do you have me walking all over Waukesha just to attend some sessions? And can you even park in Waukesha?

All the sessions are within a few minutes’ walk of each other. We teamed with Waukesha publisher,Orange Hat/Ten16 Press, and we’ll have ambassadors throughout the area to help guide you. 

Parking is better than most people think it is. Plus, it’s FREE! Of course, if you have a carpooling option, take it. Good for the environment. Good for you!

So, wait, the conference is in 2 different places?

Yes. Friday’s sessions are in downtown Waukesha. Saturday’s sessions are at the Brookfield Conference Center.

Do you recommend a hotel?

The Brookfield Hilton Garden Inn has a special conference rate. It is attached to the Conference Center and not far from Waukesha.

I sent an email. Why isn’t anyone answering me?

We are a volunteer-run organization. If it’s been 3 days or more, please send that email again.

NOTE: In order to attend Hank Phillippi Ryan’s Master Class, you MUST check the box when you register. Then (not right away!) you’ll receive a link to pay for that Master Class. If you don’t do both of those things, we will not have a spot for you.

Wisconsin Writers Association

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