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Review of String Too Short to Tie

  • Tue, January 04, 2022 2:42 PM
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    String Too Short To Tie by Dale A Morgan

    Memoir, 283 pages

    Published 2021 by Austin Macauley Publishers LLC

    Reviewed by Jan K Jenson (aka Janet Kay)

    The author takes us on a conflicted but nostalgic  trip back in time – back to her days growing up during the 1950’s and 1960’s in the small rural farm community of Tumbleweed, Texas. Her memories are rich in details that many of us can relate to as we look back upon our own childhoods.

    But life has changed dramatically since Dalinda lived here on the family farm where generations before her had toiled and created a legacy for future generations. Unlike her sister whose roots were still firmly embedded in this drought-stricken farm community, Dalinda moved north to Wisconsin where she’d created a life and family of her own. It was far different from the lifestyle she’d left behind many years ago.

    But now, as executor for her brother’s estate, she is called back to Tumbleweed to settle things. What should she do about the family farm? What had happened to the money that had previously been set aside in their family trust? And how can they pay the farm bills if her sister continues to drain their mutual funds?

    Trying to work with her sister to settle the estate and decide what to do about the family farm proves to be almost impossible. Their conflicted relationship is based upon different values, different lifestyles, and different loyalties. Will they go their separate ways once this nightmare is over? Or will they find a way to honor the past and maintain some semblance of a relationship someday?

    Dale Morgan does a great job portraying the struggle between the sisters and the trials they are facing together and apart. And she does this with just the right touch of humor and affection.

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