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Cayce Osborne


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Cayce Osborne is a writer and graphic designer from Madison, WI. Her work has been published in many literary magazines, journals, and anthologies. "I Know What You Did", her debut novel, releasing July 18 2023 from Crooked Lane Books. When she’s not writing, she spends her time hanging out with her husband and two sons, reading library books, walking her dog, and subscribing to way too many streaming services. On Twitter she's @CayceOsborne; on Instagram she’s @CayceJOsborne.
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I am not a talented solo speaker but I enjoy q&a sessions and panel discussions. Topics I enjoy discussing include: mystery/thriller/crime writing, complicated (messy) female characters, the query process and getting an agent, finding your writing voice, characters who are haunted by their past, reluctant/amateur detectives, books about books.

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