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Maria Alvarez Stroud


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Alvarez Stroud
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What I’ve done during my life is as varied as the stories I hope to tell. From running a non-profit serving frail elderly to being a documentary producer and later leading a national organization serving public broadcasting stations around the country to running my own business I’ve enjoyed the journey. Writing has always been a part of what I’ve done; outreach packets, marketing pieces, full one-hour shows, as well as many speaking engagements.

Reading has been a constant as well. First enamored with mysteries I now read just about every genre. Give me a good story and I’m in.

Historical novels are however what I’m really passionate about, and am currently seeking representation for my first historical novel. The idea of getting a peek into peoples life’s from another time and place is completely enthralling. That I might learn and see through a new set of eyes what I love the most.

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