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Karl Stewart


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Karl Stewart brings an eclectic background to his work, from the seminary to the Green Berets, from Appalachian forests to bucolic Wisconsin countryside. His most recent novel, Kiamichi, completes a Western trilogy loosely based on the life of Stewart's great-grandfather See Bird Carpenter. His novel, The Seventh Cruise, is the story of a WWII sailor dealing with the growing burden of post-traumatic stress disorder. Stewart’s books Up Harvey’s Creek and sequel Fare Thee Well, Harvey’s Creek are a boy’s memoirs, set in post-WWII West Virginia. Karl and his wife live in Wisconsin on a pine-lined southern-facing ridge.
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I have talks prepared on all seven of my books, but I do more than that. Having dealt with PTSD myself, and having watched my father's failure to deal with it in his life, I have structured a talk, "Healing Through Storytelling," that I have given to several groups, civic and otherwise, giving tips on how writing can be used to help a person suffering from PTSD so that it does not control their life.

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