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Bill Mathis


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Bill's experiences in YMCA camping, foster care and working with diverse populations provide rich background for his novels. A PK (preacher's kid), he grew up in a small Michigan village populated by large families, which also factors into his writing. He enjoys writing, reading, volunteering, eating (usually too much), and travel (40 states & over 20 countries). Bill has 2 daughters, 1 stepdaughter & 3 grandchildren. He resides with his partner in Beloit, WI.
Bill published four novels with Rogue Phoenix Press. Face Your Fears deals with disability, LGBTQ & family, and The Rooming House Diaries is a multi-generational story of family and non DNA family in a Chicago rooming house. The Rooming House Gallery tells the story of the two men who inherit the old rooming house. Revenge is Necessary is a psychological thriller set in Minnesota farm country. Bill was one of the honored guests at the 2019 Carl Sandburg Literary Awards in Chicago. He was also the 2015 nonfiction Jade Ring Winner.
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-Beginning to write after retirement, how life experience enriches and/or writing what you know
-What I've learned writing disabled characters
-Why I feel diversity matters in writing
-I write like I drive, by sound...

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