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Carol L. Paur lives with her family in Wisconsin. Isasnora Snores is her first middle grade children’s book. It’s about a child who snores so loudly, she is banished from her kingdom.
Carol has a BS in Psychology and a MA in Communication. Along with writing books, she's also a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, and a producer for the movie, Turnover. Two of her screenplays have placed in prominent screenwriting competitions.
She has also indie-published two novels - Stories and Waves as well as a spiritual book - Praying for the Enemy-Your 911 to Peace.
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Since I was born with a cleft palate, I like to give inspirational talks on overcoming obstacles. I also have spoken on laughter as well as did a few stints as a stand-up comic.

Some of the writing topics I like to cover are: Self-publishing -The Ups and Downs; Overcoming rejections; Writers Write Even if No One is Buying; Using Your Five Senses to Write: A Systematic Way to Reaching Out to Publishers: Typos Included

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