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Kymberley Pekrul


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Hello! I’m Kymberley Pekrul, a blog author, speaker, entrepreneur, patient, student, and self-taught Gfree lifestyle expert on [most] gluten-free things. In recent years I’ve become a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner, Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, and Accredited Gut Microbiome Specialist pursuing CNS board certification.

My career has been extensive as a pro level copywriter, editor, journalist, illustrator and graphic artist, writer and storyteller best known for my years as editor and publisher of the Wisconsin based Country Gazette Magazine (1992 – 2000).

In addition to working on my solo blogging career with GfreeDeliciously (, I offer a variety of brand and pro-writing services.

My services include but are not limited to the list below, for more detailed information on branded services please visit my website at

• Email Features
• Cookbook reviews
• Freelance Recipe Development and Food Photography
• Cooking classes and workshops focusing around:
- Healthy eating
- Blogging as a business
- Blog Design
- Recipe Blogging
- Recipe Writing
- Entrepreneurship
- Marketing
- Online Publishing

Other efforts include a focus around my family, being of service to other writers and bloggers.
Speaker Availability
  • I am available to be a speaker.
If you are available to be a speaker please list topics that you speak on here.
Blogging and Writing as a Career:
• Blogging - The Ultimate Self-Publication Business Opportunity
• Content Creativity – How to Diversify Your Writing for Multiple Platforms and Social Media
• Connecting the Dots to Grow Your Reach & Your Business
• Writing Recipes for Fun or Profit
• Writing Strategy - How to Increase Your Publication Possibilities

• Communications & PR Development
• Marketing
• Entrepreneurship

• Developing Your Case for Support
• Fundraising & Event Planning
• Non-profit Board Engagement
• Organizational Management
• Small Museum Management
• Thinking Beyond the Box

Gluten-Free Living:
• Gluten-Free Cooking/Demonstrations
• Gluten-Free Kitchen/Home
• Gluten-Free Travel Tips
• Gluten-Free 101 - What's This Thing Called Gluten-Free?
• I Can’t Eat Wheat, Now What?
• Gut Health, Diet & Nutrition

Other ideas? I pride myself on being able to objectively look at brands and work with companies to discover and come up with a unique way that we could work together. If you have any specific ideas to run by me, please get in touch!

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