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Pamela Fullerton is a prize winning author, storyteller, journalist, and documentarian. She is a Wisconsin native, one of 16 siblings, all Preacher’s Kids. At age 15, she started college at UW-Madison and eventually completed her law degree there. She had careers in Teaching, Human Resources, Educational Administration, Administrative Law, and as a Race Horse Trainer. In her first-ever literary competition she won 1st , 2nd , and 3rd place in the prestigious Mid-west “Jade Ring Contest”---an unprecedented feat. Her stories have appeared in such diverse publications as “Wisconsin People & Ideas,” “Country,” and, “Modern Arabian Horse.” She is currently Co- Producer of the upcoming documentary “Honor in the Air” ( about the life of Wisconsin hero, Captain Scott Alwin, a Vietnam Helicopter Ace. She lives on her farm near Wausau, breeding and training Arabian and Thoroughbred performance horses; sharing those iconic red roads and lovely woods with family and some incredible canine companions.

She writes about things that allow us as human beings the privilege of laughter…or tears.

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