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Meet our conference presenters:


 Kaeley Dunteman

Own It! The Importance of Brand-Building for Authors. Max Capacity: 30 attendees

 Orange Hat Publishing 

Creating Social Media Platforms to Reach Your Readers. Max Capacity: 12 attendees

  Elizabeth Evans

Query Me First! Max Capacity: 20 attendees

  Frank Rewolinski

The Execution of Police Procedure in Fiction Max Capacity: 20 attendees

  Lauren Flowerday

How to Grow Your Instagram as an Author Max Capacity: 20 attendees

  Kim Suhr

Bookstore Confidential: The Skinny on the Author-Bookseller Relationship Max Capacity: 20 attendees

  Jeannée Sacken

Creating the World of Your Novel Through Research Max Capacity: 20 attendees

  Chris Chambers

Ask the Editor: Everything You Want to Know About Literary Magazines and Writing Contests Max Capacity: 30 attendees




Hank Philippi Ryan


Christine DeSmet

75 Years of Success Stories


Nicholas Gulig

Ghost Work


Silvia Acevedo

Contests, Annuals, and Arbitrary Deadlines


Valerie Biel

Pros and Cons of Independent Publishing


Terrence Talley

Success: What does it mean to you?


Bailey Yeager

Ins & Outs of Book Distribution


 BJ Hollars

The Truth Hurts


Nick Chiarkis

10 Step Plan for Self-Editing


 2022-headshot-tps_orig.png Tina P. Schwartz - Purcell Agency

Kara Grajkowski - 3 Seas Literary Agency


Kira Henschel - Henschelhaus Publishing

Wisconsin Writers Association

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