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-Margaret Atwood

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Happy February!

Check out all that WWA has to offer this month. 

    President's Message

    We’re there – late January, early February, the bottom of the year. Right? It’s mid-winter. Some blazing, arctic blue and white days fading into the gloomy grays of February and March. So, you’re writing. What’re you writing? Your 2022 Jade Ring entries? Get happy! Contest opens March 1. Details soon. What will you submit?

    Nonprofits like WWA periodically step back, consider the past, contemplate the future. Ask questions I call the Olaf Questions*: Who are we? Why are we here? And where are we going? Think strategic direction. So, the WWA Board of Directors created a team of talented writers, asked them to think about those existential puzzles. It’s the WWA Vision Team – some Board members and some members at large. They’ve been considering these issues for a while now, laying the groundwork for WWA for the next three to five years. I’ll fill you in in the months ahead.

    *For those with limited access to kids or grandkids, Olaf is the famed talking snowman of Disney’s Frozen. Olaf knows.

    Great WWA workshop coming up on Saturday February 12, 10 AM to 11:15. Historical nonfiction author Russ Klingaman will present a workshop – Composing the Book While Imagining the ScreenplayWhat does it take to write historical nonfiction? How best to write scenes and dialogue? What about research? What are best practices these days? Imagine that screenplay. It’s free. Register here

    WWA Open Mic on March 2, 7PM. This one will have a theme of New Beginnings. Get ready to read your work. Free. Register here.

    More workshops and events in the works. Like a flash fiction workshop with author and teacher Finn Burnett in April. Marvelous. Stay tuned for details.

    Want to help out? Volunteer? Here’s a thing – WWA will need a member to serve as Treasurer beginning next Fall. It’s an important role. Drop me a line if you or somebody you know has flair for the numbers.

    Like I always say – you’re a Wisconsin writer. Keep on writing. 


    We Want to Read You!

    We want to read you!

    The Press was created for our membership to tell Wisconsin-themed stories in prose or poetry

    We are currently accepting submissions for adult and early reader fiction (no picture books or comics at this time please), non-fiction, and poetry. Your work should reflect Wisconsin, be set at least partly in Wisconsin, or reveal something special about Wisconsin’s uniqueness.

    Read the full submission guidelines

    Share your pride in WWA 

    Download badges to include in your email signature and other areas where you want to tell the world about your associations. Visit the WWA website to download your badge.

    Our friends at the Chicago Writers Association are hosting their annual writing conference and we're proud to be a sponsor. Check it out and sign up for a space. 

    Whether you are an absolute beginner or an established writer or somewhere in between, Wisconsin has many organizations devoted to helping you be the best you can be and offering you support along your writing journey.

    Join Write on Door County and the the Door County Public library for a free panel discussion about all the ways writers can find support in this state. 

    Sign up. 


    Contests and Submission Opportunities

    We've updated our contest and submission page on the website! Make sure to check it out. 


    Ruminate - William Van Dyke Short Story Prize $ Deadline February 1st

    Pigeon Pages Poetry Contest - Pigeon Pages $ Deadline February 15th

    Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets - Annual Chap Book Contest $ Deadline February 1st

    Indignor House - Annual Writing Competition $ March 31


    Volunteers Needed!

    Our book review program is seeking volunteer reviewers. Like free books? Want to support fellow Wisconsin writers? Get details here.


    Applications are open for the Pine Needle Artists Residency through the Science Museum of Minnesota. 

    Apply Today. 

    Book Reviews


    One of the benefits of WWA membership is that members can request their published books be reviewed. Great to see members doing just that. Please take a moment to read the short descriptions of a couple of the books reviewed this month.

    If any WWA members would like to be a volunteer book reviewer, please contact Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel at waldvogelkm@gmail.com. Kathleen is happy to send you the info.

    A Variety of Great Reads for You!

    Here is an interesting memoir told with humor and affection. A String Too Short to Tie by Dale A. Morgan

    Life has changed dramatically since Dalinda lived here on the family farm where generations before her had toiled and created a legacy for future generations. Unlike her sister whose roots were still firmly embedded in this drought-stricken farm community, Dalinda moved north to Wisconsin where she’d created a life and family of her own. It was far different from the lifestyle she’d left behind many years ago.

    Find the entire review here.

    Maybe a contemporary novel is more to your liking. Read this intriguing book, Shattered by Thomas Cannon. It may be the perfect fit for you. 

    When Mikey Haskell’s fiancée leaves him, rage and self-imposed guilt continue to build until, at a turning point, he begins to retreat into the animalistic id of his consciousness. Tom Cannon creates an excellent story that is both grotesque and beautiful and outlines the mental breakdown of man and how it affects relationships and the idea of personal responsibility.

    Read more here.

    Do you enjoy historical fiction? Westerns? The Legend of See Bird: Kiamichi by Karl Stewart has characters interacting with historical figures. A great read!

    See Bird, a Native American making the rounds of the rodeo circuit at the turn of the century, is perhaps the hero we should have had instead of The Lone Ranger.  I say that as a fan growing up. Like Tonto, See Bird does heroic deeds without wearing a mask and while dealing with racism.

    The entire review is here

    Member News:

    Got news? Email Julia Nusbaum by February 20th to share your news in the next brief.

     Kathleen (K.M.) Waldvogel was interviewed by Reading With Your Kids Podcast. The title of the interview is "Saboteurs and WereWoofs" and the first part of the podcast is about midWaldvogel's dle-grade narrative nonfiction book, Spies, Soldiers, Couriers, and  Saboteurs: Women of the American Revolution. The interview went live on January 30, 2022.

    Nick Chiarkas' Weepers has won the Firebird Book Award.

    Maggie Smith is ecstatic that her debut novel, Truth and Other Lies, has been featured by PopSugar in their “67 Books Making Their Much-Anticipated Debut in 2022” and GoodReads’ “Hot and Fresh: 60 Highly Anticipated Debut Novels” list.

    Write a story that takes place in a blizzard. 

    Write a poem about the last text message you received. 

    Editors Note: The WWA NewsBrief is about member accomplishments, writing events, and contests. It is delivered at the end of each month. If you have news for the June issue please send it to Julia by February 20th. 

    Join a Writing Group

    WWA is a place for writers to meet writers. Have you checked out the list of  writing groups across the state? They meet both in person and online. Check out the list here. 

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