Profiles of Members Submission Guidelines

The Profiles of Members page is a free service for all current WWA members.
Here’s how it works:

    Names are listed in a revolving, random order, and anyone visiting WWA’s website can click on your name to see your photo and read about your work as a novelist, blogger, poet, freelance writer, speaker, editor, publisher—whatever your niche is in the world of writing.
    If you are a current WWA member and want to be included, please do the following:
    Write a 100-word bio about you and your writing. Every member gets the same amount of space, so anything over 100 words will be returned for editing. Look at bios already submitted for ideas about what to include.
    Include key words such as writer, editor, speaker or speaking, etc., so that your name will pop up when those key words are put into the “Search this site” box that appears on the website.
   You may certainly include a link to your own website, blog, or Facebook page so viewers can easily find out more about you and your work. Links to member websites or Facebook pages are not included in the total profile word count.
   Optional: Send along a photo of yourself. A head shot is best. Photos that do not work as well are those that are small, out of focus, too dark, too light, and images in which you are far away or in a crowd. (Photos that are a bit large will be trimmed to fit on your personal bio page.)
    Submit your bio, head shot photo, and links to your website, etc. via email to WWA’s Board Member Kim Suhr at Subject: WWA Member Profile (Last Name) Every effort will be made to get your personal bio and photo on WWA’s website ASAP! 

(Don’t let your membership lapse because then your profile will have to be removed from the member profile page.)
    We hope you enjoy seeing your profile listed among WWA’s many other talented members! Remember to post a link to your WWA profile on your website or Facebook page!

PS: Don’t forget to check out the Jade Ring contest and Creative Wisconsin Literary Journal pages on this website.