Profiles of Members

WWA proudly shares this alphabetical list of some of our members.
Some have written books, published books, maintain bogs, offer writer-related services, or are available as speakers. ALL offer inspiration to other writers!

If you are looking for an editor, proofreader, speaker, etc., simply put the appropriate keyword (such as speaker, editor, proofreader, etc.) in the search box above. Members with those keywords in their bio will pop up on your screen.

Members: Click on the Submission Guidelines for instructions on how to get your member bio and photo added to this page.

Lynn Alaimalo
April Albaugh
Mary Jo Balistreri
Jim Bastian
Jean Baxter

Susan Bernhardt
Ludmilla Bollow
Laurel Bragstad
James Brakken
Sandy Brehl
Julianne Carlile
Leah Carson
Barbara Harvey Carter
Robert Chesney
Diane Christenson
Billie Jean Diersen
Susan L. Farrell
Elizabeth Caulfield Felt
Jackie Granger
Joel Habush
Callen Harty
Diana Hierlmeier
Lora Hyler
Patricia Janke
Karla R. Jensen
Jan Jenson
Nancy Jesse
Sandy Kegel
Brent Michael Kelley

Thomas Wayne King
Jim Landwehr
Elaine Maly
Kady Martin
Jeanette Michalets
Mel Miskimen
Naomi Musch
John J. Mutter, Jr.
Joanne Nelson
Beverly Ovalle
Rex Owens
Pam Parker
Carol Paur
Greg Peck
Nicolette Pierce
Kileen Prather
Diana Randolph
Liz Rhodebeck
Lisa Rivero
Chris Roerden
Nancy Runner
Larry Scheckel
Christine Schimpf
Karin Schmidt
Ray Schrab
Diana Schramer
Kim Suhr
LaToya Watson
Tad Phippen Wente
Allen Werner
Janet Weyandt
Jane Yunker
Mary Zinda