Jade Ring Winner 2017, Poetry


Susan Huebner


Christmas Eve and Santa’s come and gone

Sisters chatter over a stuffed teddy bear

Brother vroom vrooms his dump truck down the hall


When time for bed Daddy sits in his rocker

Arms open to receive goodnight hugs

I am ten and stoop to kiss his cheek

when he grabs my hand and pulls me near


I’m sorry he says It’s been a hard year

Mom and I don’t have as much money

as we’d like to spend on you kids


I don’t remember what I hoped for

but I recall the look on my Daddy’s face

the apology in his eyes when he saw

the tears in mine which I tried to hide


I burned that night with shame and fear

Shame because I made my Daddy feel low

Fear because I had that power


Susan Martell Huebner lives and writes in Mukwonago, WI. She believes writers should support each other and as such is a member of the WWA and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets. Her poetry, nonfiction and fiction have appeared in many print and online publications. SHE THOUGHT THE DOOR WAS LOCKED, a novel of literary fiction published by Cawing Crow Press, debuted in January. Susan’s upcoming chapbook Reality Changes With the Willy Nilly Wind will be available from Finishing Line Press in May 2018. See her work at http://www.susanmhuebner.com