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Review: Greenie and the Tree Frog

  • Wed, January 15, 2020 10:49 AM
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    Lisa Lickel (Administrator)

    Greenie and the Tree Frog: A Metamorphosis

    By John Manesis and Illustrated by Bonnie Bright

    Children’s Picture Book, 23 pages

    Date published: 2019: Publisher: John Manesis

    Reviewed by Carol L. Paur: Web site: www.clpaurauthor.com

    Greenie and the Tree Frog is a delightful picture book with lovely illustrations. Children will enjoy learning about the magic of caterpillars changing into moths, while laughing at the silly conversation between Tree Frog and Greenie, the caterpillar. Despite the length of the book, readers will clearly understand the personalities of Greenie, who is timid but determined, and the Tree Frog, who is a bit full of himself. The author is also a poet, and sprinkles the book with little poems to enhance the tale.

    “When my wings unfold you’ll see

    four eyes that do not see.

    Three times I’ll circle this tree,

    then you’ll understand it’s me.”(page 15, Greenie and the Tree Frog)

    “I used to be a polliwog, a guy

    who swam in a pond close by,

    look at me now, I can climb so high

    I almost touch the sky.” (page 16, Greenie and the Tree Frog)

    Though the book is educational, the author uses humor to engage the reader. At the end of the story, Tree Frog finally understands Greenie. This would be a great book to have in a kindergarten up to second grade classroom for science. It would also be a great book to have at home to read to children and grandchildren. Five stars for creativity, humor, and lessons on metamorphosis.

    Reviewer Carol L. Paur has written Isasnora Snores, published by Black Rose Writing. She is a member of Wisconsin Writers Association and Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Paur is also a journalist, screenwriter, playwright, and movie producer. She has also taught writing and drama to young students.

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